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Garland Pho Real Trail

Here’s a little trivia for you, fellow Pho lover. Did you know that DFW’s very own Garland, Texas boasts the 14th largest Vietnamese population in the US? That’s right ya’ll! It ranks right between New York at 13 and Seattle at 15. Impressive, huh? But are you wondering: what’s in it for me? Well, if you’re reading this right now, our point is that Garland and the twenty-plus restaurants that comprise our not-phar-from-phamous Pho Trail are not that phar from you, either! Twenty plus authentic restaurants vying for your patronage and your praise. So, ya’ll come and decide which ones you like best.

Download & Win Prizes

Level I: Check in on this app at 3 locations and win a Garland Pho Real sticker.

Level II: Check-in on this app at 5 locations and win a Garland Pho Real t-shirt.

Ready to taste your way through some delicious noodle bowls? Download our app to track your favorites and win some prizes!
  • Search for Visit Garland Texas and download our app on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Create an account. (An account must be created to participate and win prizes.)
  • Visit one of the following restaurants and check-in through the app.

286 Noodle House
3347 W Walnut St #105
(972) 777-3286

Bánh Cuốn Thăng Long
3347 Belt Line Rd
(972) 495-8006

Cháo Vịt Thanh Đa
3212 N Jupiter Rd # 135
(972) 414-5785

Đông Hải Restaurant
3555 W Walnut St #205
(214) 703-0026

Kim Lan Food To Go
3347 W Walnut St # 117
(972) 276-1424

Năm Hứa
3112 N Jupiter Rd #305
(972) 414-8638

Pho Ca Dao
4545 W Walnut St #5143
(972) 487-5724

Quốc Bảo Bakery
3419 W Walnut St #104
(972) 272-9892

Viet Tofu
3555 W Walnut St #203
(972) 272-3685

Đồng Quê Restaurant
3555 W Walnut St #205
(469) 298-2747

Lá Xanh Restaurant
3575 W Walnut St Suite D
(214) 299-9285

3212 N Jupiter Rd #110
(972) 675-3737

Phở Đoàn Restaurant
3530 W Walnut St
(972) 494-5213

Quoc Huong Restaurant
3112 N Jupiter Rd #111
(972) 414-1300

Đức Hương Giò Chả
3347 W Walnut St
(972) 408-3359

My Canh Restaurant
4535 W Walnut St
(972) 494-3990

Phở Bang Restaurant
3565 W Walnut St. A
(972) 487-6666

Phuong Nam Restaurant
4413 W Walnut St
(214) 440-2769

Saigon Deli
3341 W Walnut St #102
(972) 272-3145

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