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You are Key to Conference Business

Guess who helps bring the most meetings to Garland? You Do!

You can help Visit Garland bring new tourism to our city, tourism in the form of conference business. Most organizations have an all-member gathering, and you can rally your regional and state associations or organizations to host their meetings in our city!

The “You” in Groups

Every one of us has the potential to spearhead positive impacts on our city. We are an actively engaged, civic-minded, socially aware city. Most of us participate in a group beyond our workplace and home. These groups could be civic organizations, churches, hobby clubs, or professional associations. The list is endless.

Visit Garland Does the Heavy Lifting

You help identify a potential group, and we do the rest. From bidding to site visits, venue and hotel selection, and more, let Visit Garland help you bring your trade association meeting to town.

Our Visit Garland team is working from the bid-winning moment until delegates are packing their bags at the end of their Garland conference. We facilitate every detail to ensure successful meetings and the BEST these organizations have ever experienced.

Visit Garland Masters Servicing

When it comes to servicing, we are experts. Nuances of servicing run the gamut: attending the previous year’s annual conference to build delegate attendance; transportation assistance; conference registration; marketing; liaison to hotels, caterers, and venues; creating off-site networking events; identifying and coordinating local artists and speakers. These are just a few of the most typical services required before a conference’s arrival.

Visit Garland handles servicing coordination, so you won’t have to stress. Our staff can even be on-site when the conference is in town to help with registration, provide visitor information and guide delegates as they discover our city. Our goal is that every meeting planner and every conference delegate, also defined as visitors, leaves our city with a great Garland experience to share.

Connections Are Impactful

Your connections and networks are valuable assets and could be a positive economic impact on Garland. Visitors drive Garland’s tourism economy, and they matter. Without them, citizens must make up the difference in what it takes to fuel our quality of life in Garland.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know we’re here and what all we do to take the load off of you, the local organizer, call Visit Garland and let us help you get the ball rolling.


Turn in an RFP for your organization or association's next open conference and we will award you some Garland Swag!


Bring your professional affiliations to Garland. Contact Erin Wilson so Visit Garland can assist you in planning the best event for your colleagues.
Erin Wilson, Group Sales
Office: 972-205-2633

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