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La Francaise Bakery

La Francaise Bakery - 972-485-4400
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From La Francaise Bakery:
La Francaise (“la frahn-sayz”) is a family-owned business established more than 40 years ago. Today the bakery still relies on time-honored baking traditions t o produce the highest quality bread and baked goods.

La Francaise creates premium bread and specialty baked products for wholesale customers in Dallas/Fort Worth. Our European methods are traditional: The result is bread with a perfect crust… a tender crumb… and an old-world flavor that reflects the care in which it was made. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients and our products are still shaped by hand.

Our baked goods are delivered six days a week to fine restaurants, hotels and caterers throughout the Metroplex.

From boules to baguettes to lavosh, we bake almost 100 different types of bread. We also collaborate with customers to develop signature products.

We offer almost 100 different products, ranging from classic French baguettes and natural crispy breads to breakfast pastries. At a customer’s request we are happy to create a unique bakery item to meet specific needs. All our products are fully baked.
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