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Jon Comer Skatepark

Rick Oden Park - (972) 205-2750
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The Jon Comer Skatepark in Garland is the first skate park to be developed in Garland at Rick Oden Park.

The skate park is the second largest in the State of Texas, boasting a total of 46,500 square feet, including integrated skate features that combine street terrain, transition terrain, and a beginner area! The new skate park is sure to provide all users with fun, excitement, and challenge!

People can enjoy amenities such as walking trails, a food truck park, shade pavilions, and a permanent restroom.


Street / Plaza Area
  • Turn-Around QP Taco with Banks
  • Bank Hip with Curb to Slappy Bank
  • Flat Rail
  • “Tech. Island” Manual Pad with Kicker and Pad to Curb
  • Slappy Bank with Flat Ledge over stairs
  • 2 Stair Set with Down Rail
  • Wedge-to-Wedge with Slappy Ledge and Flat Ledge with
  • Rail combo
  • Bank Hip with Ledge
  • Banked Volcano
  • Bank to Curb complex
  • 8 Stair Set with Hubba Ledge and Down Rail
  • Bank to Bar and Bank to Curb
  • 5 Stair Set with landing, with Hubba Ledge and Down-flat -down rail
  • 3 Stair Set with Down Rail
Bowl / Transition Area
  • Extension pocket
  • Pump Bumps blended to Volcano
  • Layback Bank
  • Roll-in Hip with Volcano on upper deckHip to Bump blended to Roll-in
  • T Pumpbump blended to waterfalls
  • Deep-end Bowl Extension
Beginner’s Area
  • Learner street section with 3 Stair Set, Ride-on Ledge, Down Rail and Flat Rail
  • Learner Bank and Quarterpipe transition zone
  • Learner Quarterpipe Hips
  • Miniramp area with Roller Waterfall and Ride-in section
  • Bank Hip

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