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Spring Creek Park

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Spring Creek Park - 972-205-2750
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The Spring Creek Forest Preserve Trail features an interpretive walking tour:, and the Rowlett Creek Preserve Trail offers 14 miles of looped trail, perfect for mountain bikers, cross country runners, hikers, birders, and – well – everyone. Get the map at Rowlett Creek Preserve.
Spring Creek Park is a large nature area running alongside Spring Creek in the northern sector of Garland, just south of N. President George Bush Highway from Shiloh Road to beyond Garland Avenue. It is split into three sections; all three sections are popular with families, hikers and naturalists.

**Parking at Halff Park – new rules include towing

The Garland Parks and Recreation Department installed new parking signs at the Halff Park at Ranger Drive parking lot regarding parking during the school day.

Any cars parked at Halff Park during the school day for over 3 hours will be towed. So, when you are visiting the Preserve on a school day using Halff Park as your base, make sure you return to your car within 3 hours.

This is to discourage students from Naaman Forest High School who are parking there for free, rather than buying a student parking sticker. So many students try parking there for free that there are no spaces left for park visitors. The hotels and other businesses in the area already have similar rules. Enforcement started on October 17.

The restriction on time and the towing possibility is only for the Halff Park parking lot. You can park at the 1770 and 1787 Holford Road parking areas all day until the park closes at midnight.

  1. Spring Creek Greenbelt - Harris Section - Located at 6006 N. Shiloh Road, this area features a playground, covered picnic shelters with tables and grills, a backstop and pond with fishing pier. There is a 0.33 mile concrete walking trail.
  2. Spring Creek Park Preserve - Located at 1787 Holford Road, the park preserve features uncovered picnic tables and a 0.8 mile natural walking trail.
  3. Spring Creek Forest Preserve and Greenbelt - Located at 1770 Holford Road, this forest preserve features a 0.33 mile concrete trail and a 0.5 mile natural walking trail. It is home to up to 300-year-old trees and more than 650 species of plants and animals.
  4. Spring Creek Greenbelt - Winters Park - Located at 1419 Spring Creek Drive, two new trailheads at Winters Park, 1419 Spring Creek Drive, the other at Halff Park, 4695 Ranger Drive. From ample parking facilities at both locations, the paths quickly descend into the wooded greenbelt along the creek.


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