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Garland Public Art Walking Tour


Public Art Walking Tour Self-Guided

Public Art Walking Tour Map

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Take a driving tour of Downtown Garland. Information about supplemental materials for the self-guided Garland Historic Tour and Public Art Tour is available at Garland Public Art Walking Tour. You can also download the VisitGarlandTX app on Apple or Android to help you plan your trip to see some of the best free art around.

At the rate Downtown Garland has been adding public art, you need a program to keep up and a map to make sure you don’t miss anything. So we’ve made that information available and created the Public Art Walking Tour.

The self-guided Public Art Walking Tour features 12 pieces, one dating to 1994, but many unveiled within the last year. Make plans to set aside 30 minutes to an hour, tap into the map and information and enjoy the artwork from today’s Garlandites in Downtown’s century-old setting.

And while you’re there, help us spread the word about Garland’s first-ever Public Art Walking Tour. Take a selfie or photo of any art exhibit on the tour and post it on social media, using #ARTlandTX and #MYMGarland.
Elements of Life by Ricardo Paniagua
Location: 506 Art on Main St.

Sculpture Garden made by 12 Garland artists and the community
Location: 506 Art on Main St.

Pet Pawsibilities by LaMotte Skinner
Location: 813 Main St. (south/front side of Pet Adoption Center)

9/11 Tribute Sculpture by Nyal Stromberg
Location: 1019 Austin St. (front/south side of Fire Station #1)

Mid-Century Jetsons by Preston Pannek
Location: 316 Main St. (west side of Wallis Welding)

Time Will Go On by Preston Pannek
Location: 506 Art on Main St.

Slice of Heaven by Cody Bednarz
Location: 532 Main St. (west side of The Millhouse Pizzeria and Stage)

Wings of Love by Preston Pannek
Location: 813 Main St. (north/back side of Pet Adoption Center)

Vision of the Arts by Barvo Walker
Location: 300 N. Fifth St. (Granville Arts Center; The Atrium)

Downtown Garland Chair by Scott Miller
Location: Downtown Garland Square

Community Mural by Cullin Lassiter
Location: 506 Art on Main St.

Dog's World by Lucas Cervellini
Location: 813 Main St. (north/back side of Pet Adoption Center)

Delicioso by Juan Hernández
Location: 509 W. State St. (east side alley by Intrinsic)

Black and White Murals by Richard McNeil
Location: 717 Main St. (west side of Doc’s Bail Bonds)
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