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"Hankerin' Hillbillies" - Presented by CORP

Date: Mar 25 - Mar 27, 2022
Plaza Theatre - 972-205-2780
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Pa Herford loves his five daughters, but there are days he wonders if he should have just raised puppies! All the girls up in the hills are suffering from what Pa calls The Hankerin,’ for they all want to get hitched — and Any Ol’ Man’ll Do, as they sing in hillbilly harmony. The only exception is Charlemaine, who only loves her books. But everything changes when government man Marcus Slidell shows up to buy land from the Herfords. For Charlie, it’s love at first sight. Marcus, on the other hand, is all business. Unfortunately, the land he wants to purchase is the same plot that the Herfords and the Guernseys have been feuding over for decades. While Marcus tries to figure out what to do, Charlie figures she has to find some way to catch Marcus’s eye, so she has Widder Perkins, The Black Widder, fix her up a love potion. Whooo-eee! After that, things really go crazy! The daffy Bickle Sisters think the Holler is about to be invaded, husband-hunting Herfords and Guernseys try to snare government men right and left and newspaper editors race to get the scoop on what’s new with the feud. With hilarious hillbilly songs such as Thar’s a Guv’mint Man in the Holler, She Has Waaaayyys!, I Cain’t Fight Love and Fer True an’ Fer Shore, this hysterical musical will have your audiences stomping in the aisle. You’ll have a rip-roarin’ great time with these Hankerin’ Hillbillies!


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