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Rosalind Coffee Company

Rosalind Coffee Company - 972-494-9449
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At Rosalind TX, we believe that coffee is about people, it’s about you. It’s about that feeling you get when you sit down in your favorite spot on the couch, and that satisfying moment after connecting with an old friend. It’s about living.

Coffee is not just a morning pick-me-up anymore. It’s more than that aroma that never gets old. It’s about the person you’re sitting with while you drink it. It’s about the farmer who nurtured a tree that produced a fruit that was harvested, dried, and bundled in burlap. Then shipped across the world to a roaster who carefully heated it so that you can enjoy a daily ritual that billions around the world savor.

Ever need a place to meet classmates for a study group or a quiet place to think? Just need a coffee break but want your money to go to more than a corporate purse? Or maybe you just want a great place to hang out? Rosalind Coffee Company in Downtown Garland is the place for you.
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